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Do you know the exaggerated marketing texts which are trying to give you the feeling that this thing that you read about is in the center of Tel Aviv while it is actually in Ramat Gan?

So.. Dubnov Gallery is probably the only venue for weddings in Tel Aviv that is actually in the heart of Tel Aviv, it is 2 minutes walk from the Mann Auditorium, Hakirya,  Sarona and Tel Aviv museum.


The gallery is located at Dubnov Street, near the Meyerhoff art and education center and very suitable for events of up to 150 people but can accommodate up to 300 guests. This is a  spaces which designed with three levels and a courtyard that works well for the reception as well as for live performances throughout the event. Event can take place also on weekends, Fridays, Saturdays.

They live on Dubnov 8, Tel Aviv. Tel:  077-670-6657

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reserves in the coastal plain. A unique and meticulous place. A nature 

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